Here’s an example of the care sheets we are working on to add onto orders that purchased faux fur items! This is just a test version,as we are stilling working with an artist for the drawings. We got someone do to an exact replica of our OC and she did an amazing job! 

We will also be making a car sheet for our collars and cuffs,so everyone will get care instructions in their packages <3 

But hey,if you own faux fur already,these tips work for you too :3



NECA Godzilla 2014 “Scaler”

Featured in NECA’s third wave of “Scalers” figures, collectible minis that can grab onto your cords and cables. Godzilla is based in his appearance in GODZILLA (2014).

NECA’s Scalers retail for $4.99 each. Wave 3 is available now.

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